About Us

Welcome to Honeysuckle Falls, the best kept secret of the Great Smoky Mountains. Our waterfall is located at an old family home place on privately owned land, bordering the Smoky Mountain National Park. Three generations ago my family homesteaded this property. My great-grandfather worked for a local timber company, and my great-grandmother cooked for the entire camp. She married “Pap” at the age of 13, and even after he parted the earth 50 years later she wrote him love letters until the day she joined him in heaven.

Growing up, I spent more time with Granny than I did at home, which was only three miles away. I remember using a chamber pot before plumbing was added. I remember family dinners and sitting on the front porch listening to local gossip. I walked behind an old mule and a plow. I got flogged by roosters and stepped barefoot in deep mud with cow poop often. It was a good life. Truly, there are more stories to tell than I can fit in this small biography.

In the late 1970’s, the government needed the majority of the land back to add to the National Park. Luckily, this section of park land is not the side buzzing with tourists. It is on a road less traveled and remains a peaceful, natural haven. Having grown up there, it is now my greatest joy to share this humble mountain property with those who need a small outdoor space to get married or have beautiful photographs created.

It is my fervent wish that your marriage overflows with as much joy as that of my Granny and Pap. Their love for one another was so strong that I wear Granny’s wedding ring to this day.