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Waterfall Weddings in Historic Starkeytown

Hello from Regina!  I’m the last Starkey in Starkeytown, and enjoy sharing my waterfall with fellow nature lovers.  If you’re a couple looking for a place to getting married that not many people know about, you’ve found my little hidden paradise in the Smoky Mountains.

The waterfall is located next to my late great-grandmother’s 87-year-old Appalachian Mountain style home at the edge of the Smoky Mountain National Park. It is very similar to the homes you will see when visiting Elkmont in the National Park.

Pap’s nearly 100 year old barn is at the end of a short path to the right of the waterfall. Both the barn and my Granny’s old house make great backgrounds for your photographs! (Due to their age and condition, guests cannot go inside.)

I added a covered pavilion at the waterfall in 2022 for smaller, couples only weddings in case it rains. The pavilion is situated in such a way that photographs can still be made to make it look like you’re in the middle of the wilderness at a sweet little waterfall.  Please don’t ask to book a wedding here with guests.  I prefer to keep this location intimate with low environmental impact.  But keep smiling, because you can always book a wedding at my venue called Honeysuckle Hills, and add the waterfall location for photographs in your package.  Honeysuckle Hills offers a larger variety of wedding packages from couples only all the way up to 75 guests, with or without a reception.

You are welcome to bring items such as sand ceremonies, guest books, signs, and other wedding décor that can be hand placed. Petals (real or artificial) must be picked up before you leave. Please leave my home just like you found it.

Honeysuckle Falls is open from April 15th through October 31st unless weather permits during winter months. Weddings are booked on Wednesdays through Saturdays. We are closed on Sundays, Mondays, and all major holidays.   My property is not open to the public and you MUST book in advance.  (No walk-ins)

Please be aware that due to this venue’s location, while rare, it is possible for the power to go out or for trees to be blown across the road.  If we’re unable to accommodate your wedding before night fall we will give you a full refund.

“Simply I Do” Waterfall Wedding

$299 without professional photography

$499 with 15 min professional photography AFTER ceremony

$649 with professional photography of the ceremony & 15 min after

$50 military / first responder discount and $100 discount by choosing Regina as your ceremony officiant (if available)

As its name implies, this elopement package is for the couple who decides on a whim to have a beautiful, heart-felt ceremony at a waterfall.   I want you to feel just as welcome as all the visitors that ever showed up on my great-grandmother’s door step. I will perform your ceremony myself as a Tennessee Notary Public, or my brother-in-law can provide a faith-based, Christian ceremony. Either of us can snap a few cell phone pictures for you after the wedding, too!


• Ceremony with personalized vows for two people in love without guests
• Total time on property 15 to 30 minutes based on photography choice
• Arrive dressed & ready to go
• Tennessee Notary Public or Minister to perform the ceremony and file your license
• Photography options listed above

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